Answering common misconceptions

Always, our goal is to reach a patient’s potential for beauty, the best version of themselves they can be... not just chase lines, and make cheeks or lips larger just because we can.

What are Anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are a commonly used name for a generic muscle relaxant, Botulinum Toxin A (BTXA)

Do Anti-wrinkle injections result in frozen faces, weird eyebrows, alien cheeks, trout pout lips?

Disproportion usually stems from poor assessment and treatment techniques, poor product choice, and the injector’s lack of aesthetic appreciation and responsibility. Treatments should be undetectable and natural appearing, enhancing a person’s beauty.

Once I stop Anti-wrinkle injections treatments, will I end up with more wrinkles than I would have had, without?

NO, you can cease treatment at any time and your skin will not be worse than never having had treatment. In fact, most people find the benefit to their appearance and ageing process lasts beyond the actual treatment period by months to years, compared to untreated counterparts.

Are anti-wrinkle injections toxic or poisonous or dangerous longterm

NO and YES: Anti-wrinkle injections are a highly purified form of Botulinum toxin and has been therapeutically used in medicine safely for more than 30 years; it is widely used in children with cerebral palsy in much larger doses without long term harmful effects. Research does not support it causing cancer or disease. As a reasonable precaution, it is not used in pregnant or lactating women, nor in patients with certain neurological diseases. Unfortunately, copies and cheap forms of reputable Botox are available worldwide, from unreliable sources, and may not last as long, or be as effective or may be frankly dangerous, even in expert hands, let alone the novice/inexpert.

Why interfere with the natural aging process, why not grow older gracefully?

There is nothing wrong with gracefully accepting the physical changes of age, and allowing our faces and bodies to age as they will. However, living in this modern age, where many of us must or choose to work in a professional capacity until a much later age, in a society that places an unnecessarily high value on external appearance... many of us feel our exterior does not match with the way we feel: youthful and energetic inside. Or we feel a decrease in self esteem and confidence as our body changes. For many people, ageing does not feel graceful at all.

Is it taking skincare too far, freezing muscles in the face?

Possibly, YES as a treatment alone in increasing doses. 16 year olds don’t need their facial muscles relaxed, to look fresh; they exude vitality and health with their beautifully supported bone structure, soft smooth skin overlying lovely in layers of fat, supporting the soft tissues. Using HA gels ( fillers) at appropriate depth and sites, can restore youthful support and architecture, hand in hand with small doses of muscle relaxant, we can achieve a much more harmonious result that stands the test of time.

Is it just too vain and shallow?

In today’s Australia, with its heritage dating back through Christian roots for thousands of years, women particularly grow up with an unconscious belief that caring about our appearance is not an attractive, or positive trait. In fact, it falls into the traditional ‘sin of vanity’ department. Women almost need permission and repeatedly apologise for holding concerns about their appearance. I feel that we need to think carefully about this: our mental health, physical health and appearance, self-esteem, are interwoven. We need to treat our health, self esteem, and it’s origins, our bodies and all it’s organs, including its largest, the skin, with respect and attention. The advances in science bring skin care into the 21st century; as Apple did for communication, so does this industry for skin care.

Is it safe?

Yes, in general, in experienced hands, using good judgement and reputable safe products / devices.

What are the side effects of Anti-wrinkle injections?

The most common annoying aspects of Anti-wrinkle injections treatment are: Occasional tiny bruises, mild redness or swelling at injection sites lasting a few minutes or the need for a touch up at 2 weeks occasionally.

Of more concern

  • Heavy eyebrows or lids (too much, or too low, or more sensitive than usual patient)
  • Looking too frozen (too much)
  • Asymmetry (usually settles with a touch up)
  • Spread to adjacent muscles causing eye lid droop temporarily (less than 1/500) or uneven smile
What are the side effects of fillers?

More common annoying aspects include bruising, swelling (lips , however recent advances with low swelling products bring a welcome change!)

Of more concern

  • Vessel occlusion due to inadvertent product entering a blood vessel can result in skin necrosis if not promptly treated, and in extremely rare incidences, loss of vision in one eye.
  • Infection, rare but possible. All steps should be taken to choose a reputable clinic with appropriate sterile procedure
  • Later reactions, lumps/inflammation are uncommon but can be problematic, weeks to years later. More common with permanent and stimulatory type gels. Careful technique and sterility can help prevent this
What if I don’t like the way I look afterwards?

Anti-wrinkle injections wear off in 3-4 months

HA gel can usually be dissolved, or allowed to naturally dissolve.