What are fillers?

Commonly called 'fillers', these gels are injected, can be permanent or non-permanent and dissolved by the natural processes of the body. As permanent gels can lead to permanent adverse events, non-permanent gels are perhaps safer, with reliable, and natural results in the right hands. Hyaluronic Acid is the clear gel found naturally in the skin, joint, placenta, umbilical cord... it is highly water attractive and creates slip, and plumpness. With ageing we do not produce as much natural gel and these gels can provide a replenishing and restorative effect.

What are they used for?
Varying compositions of long lasting HA gels are available to create injectable gel implants, deeper tissue supports, volumising gels, skin stimulating and hydrating gels, and gels for use in lines.

Why does everyone who has Anti-wrinkle injections or fillers look unnatural?
Much like hair transplantation, you only see the bad work on view. No one should be able to guess you have had treatment, if the work is good. You will merely look like a fresher and an improved version of you.

How long do they last?
6 months to years and years. It is very individual.

What is the downside?
You are reliant on the skill, eye and knowledge of the injector. All injectors are not equally qualified, trained, skilled, prepared for emergency, or possess an aesthetic eye.

2-5th JUNE: Dr. Simone Doreian lecturing on Lips...

2-5th JUNE:  Dr. Simone Doreian lecturing on Lips...
This conference is always abreast, and often leading international trends and procedures in Aesthetic Medicine, has top quality non sponsored International speakers, and is a highly valuable learning opportunity for local injectors. A must, at least every couple of years to keep up to date.

Face Couture with Emervel and Dr Simone Doreian

This Friday, I am injecting 5 patients in team with the Emervel Range, for full face rejuvenation/rebalancing, exploring the vast possibilities of some of our newest fillers. We are going to create a series of short, sharp instructional films that will be available privately online early next year, 1-2 minute snapshots of "How To..." for example inject temples, different types of aged cheeks, around the eyes, lip evolution technique, chin augmentation etc. Watch this space for some lovely visual patient journeys...

Masterclasses: Galderma - over for 2015

Once again, great feedback from our Masterclasses: 4 groups of intense 45 minute sessions with a model and audience; I love the interaction with the other Doctors and nurses, and in minutes, we truly transform faces with new techniques, cover multiple areas of teaching and no two sessions are the same. It’s a great opportunity to hone my teaching skills, in a small group situation and to really see what these HA fillers can do.

Private Masterclass teaching with a French surgeon

I've been lucky in my career to have wonderful teachers and mentors. My dearest mentor, Mr Ian Carlisle, has been incredibly generous with his knowledge and inspirational in teaching over decades. I feel lucky to be able to teach as well. This time, it was an honour to learn a new non surgical rhinoplasty technique from another mentor, Dr Hervé Raspaldo, visiting from Cannes, France. The very switched on Ms Valerie Chan, award winning beauty blogger was our beautiful patient... See her blog for more...

Emervel Launch May 2015

Emervel Launch May 2015
A fabulous Emervel event, for a broad new range of soft, minimal swell HA fillers (by Galderma), the makers of Restylane. Hosted by Kerri-Anne Kennerly, Australia’s finest Cosmetic Physicians, Dermatologists and Plastics Surgeons teamed up for a display of live injecting/teaching on stage. I was honoured to share with the audience techniques for assessment and rebalancing facial features, focused on lip, lower face and chin rejuvenation/beautification displaying a wide range of capabilities of these products.

Beauty Through Science, Stockholm, Sweden. June 4-6, 2015

An incredible setting for a cutting edge conference, a mix of Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists from around the world to share knowledge and techniques with their colleagues. Content of the lectures was fresh and focused, and I leaned as much as I taught, from my Nordic and European Colleages. 2016 promises to be just as interesting... with a focus on male vs. female aesthetic procedures, and a continuation of growth of the non surgical side of the conference.